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More and more people are drinking real ale, and as a result, the need to sell top quality ales has become increasingly important.

First and foremost, The Beer Agent assures you have a constant supply of top quality ales that will sell, and sell fast!

We very carefully select the breweries we work with, and are proud to supply some of the best known quality breweries in the country. That said, we are always looking for additional breweries that meet our standards to maintain a huge variety.

Having found the right beers, we ensure we provide a service that is second to none, in terms of fulfilling your requirements. Not only that, but we provide this excellence at a very competitive price too.

With regard to communication, you let us know how and when you want to hear from us, and that is what you will get - no more hounding from countless breweries every Monday morning - unless, of course, that is what you want!

We also provide an optional email newsletter to inform you of upcoming seasonal beers and guests that we may have. Fill in the simple box on the right to subscribe to this service.

We hope you will give us a try - we think you'll be pleased you did!


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